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E2BN Think IT

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E2BN Think IT will be presenting in various partner stands each day at BETT 2015 to demonstrate the flexibility and breadth of its innovative approach to ICT.

There will be 7 presentations each day with an overview of E2BN Think IT and its services, specific Safeguarding and E-Safety presentations to highlight their importance in Education, and you will hear from teachers currently using the framework to see first hand how it can improve teaching and learning in schools.

E2BN Think IT is a new EU tendered procurement framework that brings together the latest educational software, hardware, mobile devices and network products, services and support into one complete solution.

This cloud based solution gives schools and colleges access to new Anytime, Anywhere, and Any-device solutions that is transforming the teaching and learning experience.

By bringing together many of the leading education specialist companies, E2BN Think IT will provide purchasing options with one simple contract where upfront investment is minimal, and implementation is quick.

E2BN Think IT will ensure the technology supports a schools goals and objectives – whether it is to increase attainment and improve classroom behavior; strengthen e-safety, security and safeguarding; improve reporting; or to drive excellence.

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